The purpose of La Raza Pre-Law Student Association at the University of California, Davis, is to provide a means for understanding entry into the field of law for Latino students as well as students of other historically underrepresented minorities. La Raza Pre-Law Student Association promotes academic achievement and creates a pathway between students and law school. 

 Active Members are given discounts on dues and LRPLSA merchandise, and most field trips (like law school visits) are free. Additionally, active members get 20% off courses or tutoring with LSATMax Prep.

What does it take to be an Active Member?

Due to the pandemic and the impact that had on the worlds economy, we are not charging any dues for our active members. *subject to change. Members would be notified in advance.  


Complete 40 hours of studying per quarter. Members document their own hours on an online spreadsheet shared with members. 

Attend 2/3 of all general meetings. This requirement may be forgiven in 

case of class scheduling conflicts and/or work/internships. 

Engage in one social and one fundraising event.

Complete 3 outreach/volunteer hours through tabling events, high school student panels/ tours, cultural events, participation in immigration clinics and/or any outreach/ volunteer opportunity presented by LRPLSA.

Voting members will consist of any active members that attend two consecutive meetings prior to the date a vote is cast, including elections. 

Interested in being a part of LRPLSA or want to learn more? Don't be shy!! Be a part of our familia!!


Contact any board member by emailing us, or simply drop in on one of our meetings!!